TEDxFukuoka2022 Countdown

TEDxFukuoka2022 Countdown “Climate Resilience” プログラム概要

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TEDxFukuoka (*1,テデックスフクオカ オーガナイザー:大久保 丞 https://tedxfukuoka.com ) は、12月10日(土) に、Garraway F(福岡市中央区天神2-10-3 VIORO 7F)にて、TED Countodownイベント「TEDxFukuoka2022 Countdown」を開催いたします。

気候危機への解決策を推進し加速する – 目標:2030年までに温室効果ガスの排出を半減させ、より良い未来を築くこと。
TED Countdown公式イベントページ https://countdown.ted.com/

セッション1: プレゼンテーション
TEDxFukuoka2022 Countdown 登壇者

  • 竹村 俊彦 – 九州大学応用力学研究所 気候変動科学分野 主幹教授
  • 星野 幸代 – 国際連合人間居住計画(ハビタット)福岡本部 本部長補佐官
  • 馬奈木 俊介 – 九州大学工学研究院 教授 都市研究センター長


セッション2: TED Countdown Talks

  • ヨハン・ロックストローム – 環境学者
  • ニコラ・スタージョン – スコットランド首相



1. 日時:12月10日土曜日 (開場:14:30) 15:00~17:00
2. 会場:Garraway F (福岡市中央区天神2-10-3 VIORO 7階)
3. 参加募集人数:40名
4. 参加費:2,000円 (学生・ALT/JET 1,000円)


TEDxFukuoka2022 Countdown “Climate Resilience” Program

TEDxFukuoka is holding ‘TEDxFukuoka2022 Countodown’, the event held as a TED Countdown event.

TEDxFukuoka (*1, Organizer: Joe Okubo https://tedxfukuoka.com ) is organizing TEDxFukuoka2022 at Garraway F, Tenjin, Fukuoka.

The goal: to build a better future by cutting greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030 in the race to a zero-carbon world – a world that is safer, cleaner and fairer for everyone.
Discover the bold ideas, innovative solutions and brilliant problem-solvers bringing us closer to achieving a zero-carbon world with the speed, scale and justice that is required.

TED Countdown official page https://countdown.ted.com/

Session1 : TEDxFukuoka Live Talks

  • Prof. Toshihiko Takemura – Center for Oceanic and Atmospheric Research, Research Institute for Applied Mechanics, Kyushu University
  • Sachiyo Hoshino – Special Adviser to the Director at UN-HABITAT
  • Prof. Shunsuke Managi – Urban and Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Kyushu University
  • Group discussion time: Share ideas about the talks

Session2: TED Countdown Talks

  • Johan Rockström – Climate impact scholar
  • Nicola Sturgeon – First Minister of Scotland
  • Group discussion time: Share ideas about the talks

In order to generate the new propositions through the encounter of people from different backgrounds based on the ideas and the experiences regardless of the topic area, TEDxFukuo2022 Countdown will be the opportunity for you and for us to connect and think together, which leads to changes in the way we act.

1. Date : Saturday, December 10, 2022
2. Time : 15:00 – 17:00 (door opening 14:30)
3. Venue : Garraway F
4. Participation Cost : 2,000 yen ( Students/ALT/JET 1,000 yen )
5. Seating capacity : 40 people 
No audio recording, video recording, or photography is allowed.
Application: https://tedxfukuoka2022.peatix.com/