[:ja]円城寺 雄介[:en]Yusuke Engeorge[:]



歴史が好きで佐賀を愛する円城寺は2001年佐賀県庁に入庁。 望まぬ異動先で逆境に負けず『現場主義』で救急車ICT活用やドクターヘリ導入など救急医療変革を行う。円城寺の挑戦は小学校の教科書で「命を守る情報ネットワーク」として紹介され、総務大臣賞、全国知事会先進政策大賞など多数受賞、TBS「夢の扉+」でも取り上げられる。 数々の前例のない挑戦を続け「日本一イノベーティブな公務員」とも呼ばれるが、その分だけ組織の壁にぶち当たり失敗も多い。「はみ出しすぎだ」「そろそろクビか?」と揶揄されながら現在も『価値前提』で独立機動遊軍のように災害時のドローン活用や電影佐賀忍者プロジェクト、宇宙技術活用など近未来社会への挑戦を進めている。著書に「県庁そろそろクビですか?」(小学館)。


Saga prefectural civil servant

Yusuke Engeorge, a lover of history and Saga, has served the Saga prefecture as a local government official since 2001. He is know as "the most innovative civil servant in Japan". He believes in having a "hands-on approach" to every task, even in fields that are unfamiliar to him. With his determination, he led the medical emergency revolution in Saga prefecture by successfully introducing ICT systems to its doctors and ambulances. He received the National Governor's Association Advanced Policy and the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communication awards for his contributions. Engeorge's project, "Information Network that Saves Lives" is in Japanses elementary school textbooks and was featured on the TBS Television program, "Yume no tobira+". Due to is innovative sprit and trailblazing approach to civil service, he is often teased, "Did you go too far?", "Are you going to be fired?". Although he faces many internal obstacles as a government official, he enthusiastically approaches new challenges. Engeorge has published a book titled "県庁そろそろクビですか?”, meaning "Will i get fired from the prefectural capital soon?. He is currently venturing into the realm of space technology through his "Drones Aids in Disaster Response" and "Digital Saga Ninja" projects, and he eagerly anticipate new opportunities to serve his community.


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