[:ja]八尋 健次[:en]Kenji Yahiro[:]


株式会社グリーンハンドユニオン 代表取締役
一般社団法人オーガニックパパ ユニティ 代表理事



Green Hand Union Inc., CEO, The Institute of Organic Papa Unity, President

Kenji Yahiro, was born in 1971 as a first-born son in a full-time farmer in Fukuoka. He founded Itoaguri Inc. (currently Green Hand Union), which focuses on agriculture production, in 2010 in Itoshima. Thereafter he established Itoaguri and Organic Papa, organic food businesses that produce, distribute, and process foods using all organic crops. He now focuses his energy on the relationship between agriculture and welfare, assisting persons with social disabilities to find employment on corporate farms. He has set up different social farms, which provide programs to support truants and those with disabilities in job seeking, practical agriculture training, dietary education through agriculture. These programs also foster the support of the elderly by conducting training camps to help with overcoming atopic dermatitis, and so on.