[:ja]竹中 星矢[:en]Seiya Takenaka[:]


株式会社aedi works CEO

Seiya Takenaka

株式会社aedi works. CEO


aedi works, Co.,Ltd., CEO

Seiya Takenaka

Seiya Takenaka, the CEO of aedi works, inc, was born in 1988. After developing a fashion brand and opening his own style while still a student, he decided to develope the social network service application, “Sqore,” a recruitment platform that offers skill-based competitions to connect opportunity seekers with employers and universities all over the world. To develop Squore, Takenaka moved to Tokyo and lived and worked in a 4.59 tatami garage.
Unsure of how to assemble an excellent IT engineering team, he started by approaching people at Akihabara, an integrated electric town, and soon put together his current team. His life goal is to be a Japanese entrepreneur on the cover of TIME magazine.


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