[:ja]佐藤 俊郎[:en]Toshihiro Sato[:]



Toshiro Sato



Urban Designer, Architect, KANKYO Design KIKOH, Representative Director

Toshiro Sato

Toshihiro Sato is the president of Kankyo Design Kiko Inc. As a little boy, Toshiro wanted to be a naval architect. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Environmental Design at Kyushu Institute of Design (now Kyushu University). His experience abroad was in Canada, and it was there that he realized that up until then, he had been satisfied to judge things based on his narrow life experience, but would no longer do so--there was a wide world around him. Since that revelation, he longed to work overseas, and finally did so his 30s when he got a job as a motorcycle, snowmobile, and car designer in the U.S. while taking courses in Architecture and City Planning at UCLA. After he returned to Japan, Toshiro started his own company and tackled all kinds of problems with design. Soon, "work" became his hobby. Today he is involved in a variety of projects, including city plannning for over 40 hectacres of land, designing a new sandpit for a kindergarten, rebuilding historic sites, and designing for the evironment and future generations. Toshiro and his family now live on Nokonoshima Island, to which they moved so his daughter could attend Noko Elementary School.


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