[:ja]河本 伸明[:en]Nobuaki Komoto[:]



元々BMXライダーだった彼は、BMXやスケートボードのように、けん玉も技と技を繋ぎ合わせる「コンボ」が作れることに着目し、その楽しさにのめり込む。 そして、オリジナルのコンボを次々と習得し、YouTubeを使った動画配信をおこなっていたところ、国内のストリートシーンを始め、海外でも話題となっていく。


Kendama Player “KENDAMAN”

In 2010, the Japanese traditional toy, kendama, began to gain popularity in the United States, and prevailed all around the world. Kendaman is well known as one of the world's leading street-kendama performers, and for having brought about an unprecedented kendama boom in Japan. While he was a BMX rider, he spent his free time trying to create “combo” moves with known kendama tricks, just like BMX or skateboarders do, and discovered a passion for kendama. While perfecting his "combo" moves and uploading videos on Youtube of them, he quickly gained popularity in both the Japanese street scene and overseas.