[:ja]池田 由里子[:en]Yuriko Ikeda[:]



Yuriko Ikeda



REHAB INTERIORS Inc., Representative Director

Yuriko Ikeda

Yuriko Ikeda, the founder of REHAB INTERIORS, is from Kitakyushu, Fukuoka. After graduating from School of Allied Medical Sciences, Kagoshima University, she worked as a physical therapist. After this, she qualified as an interior coordinator, and since then has worked at an architectural office and then at an imports company. She then founded REHAB INTERIORS, Inc. in 2008 in order to spread the idea of “Interior Rehabilitation”. Today, “Interior Rehabilitation” is helping medical welfare facilities to thrive in their regions by both utilizing their surroundings and more adequately reflecting their respective company visions in the designs of their interiors. In 2014, she inaugurated the Interior Rehabilitation Research Group. Currently the group is made up of people with experience in medical care, architecture design, facilitation managing, and so on.


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