[:ja]星子 文[:en]Aya Hoshiko[:]


自然と未来株式会社 代表取締役社長

Aya Hoshiko



Nature and The Future Inc., Representative Director

Aya Hoshiko

Aya Hoshiko, founder of Nature and Future, Inc., was working at a courier company when she became very impressed by biodiesel fuel technology. So, in 2010, she left her job to establish her own company, Nature and Future, Inc., to refine and sell biodiesel. Her personal mantra, “never give up,” is the driving factor enabeling her to work to fulfil her dreams. With the support of many people within Kumamoto, she received a Ministry of the Environment Prize recognizing her efforts to involve others in the prevention of global warming. People call her “The Second Kumamon” due to her attitude of determination and fearlessness.


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