[:ja]廣部 慧[:en]Akira Hirobe[:]



大学卒業後、広告代理店を経て、地方と東京を行き来する、フリーランス活動開始。現在、伝統工芸品を始めとする日本の独占技術の製品を国内海外の販促をメインで進めている。 作り手と繋ぎ手の両方の立場から、日本の優れた物で新しい価値体験を創造し、発信し続けている。


Marketing Development Specialist

Akira Hirobe, a market developer of Arita Pottery, was born in 1987 in Shiga. After finishing university, and working at an advertising company for some years, he then became a freelance advertising agent and moved from Tokyo to other cities. Now, he mainly works to promote unique Japanese products, including traditional goods and more--both in Japan and internationally. As both a maker and endorser of these goods, he gives new value to people’s lives by letting them experience these remarkable products.