[:ja]春山 慶彦[:en]Yoshi Haruyama[:]


株式会社セフリ 代表



Sefuri Inc., Representative Director

Yoshihiko Haruyama was born in 1980. He graduated from Doshisha University and also attended Alaska University.
In 2013, he founded Sefuri, Inc. with a vision to make a system to help people rediscover the richness of nature in Japan through utilization of IT and smartphones. In the same year, he released the map application, “YAMAP” in order to help individuals lost in the wilderness or experiencing natural disasters. This application allows users to check their current position on a map via smartphone even in the wilderness and outside of wifi or radio signal range. In addition to this important function, users can share recorded information and opinions about wilderness routes with others--such as location and distance, activity time, pictures, etc.