[:ja]宇野 裕美香[:en]Yumika Uno[:]





Highschool Student/Founder of the Nanohana Genki Project

Yumika Uno is a high school student, founder of the special interest club "O-Icchi-Nii" and the founder of the Nanohana Genki Project–a canola blossom and community beautification initiative. Her aim in starting the initiative was to re-invigorate the Ropponmatsu area after Kyushu University moved its campus location leaving an empty 2200 square-meter lot behind. As her work has developed, Uno has expanded her project and sent canola seeds to a junior high school in Miyagi prefecture. There, she hopes the blossoms will have a similar effect on the community. Uno currently looks to convert her canola seed cultivation into a viable social business.


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