[:ja]椎木 里佳[:en]Rika Shiiki[:]



女子高生起業家/株式会社AMF代表取締役。1997年東京都生まれ。中学3年のときに株式会社AMFを創業。現在、私立高校1年生。アプリ「JKめざまし」プロデューサー、Tokyo Teens TV企画&製作&出演。現在、学業と事業の両立に奮闘中。


Teenage Entrepreneur

Rika Shiiki is a high school student, entrepreneur and the representative director of her company, AMF. Tokyo-born Shiiki established her company in her third year of junior high school. She also produced the computer app "JK Alarm" and designed, produced, and performed on Tokyo Teens TV. Currently, she works to balance her business and her studies.