[:ja]藤井 太洋[:en]Taiyo Fujii[:]






在社中に執筆したSF小説「Gene Mapper」をセルフ・パブリッシングし、2012年のBest of Kindle Booksの文芸・小説部門で一位を獲得。同書は増補改訂を経て2013年4月、早川書房より『Gene Mapper -full build-』を刊行される。現在は専業作家として小説の執筆を行っている。


a digital artist and Sci-Fi writer

Taiyo Fujii is a digital artist and Sci-Fi writer who was born in Amami-Oshima. He started to express himself as one of the founders of "TOKKANYA", a group for stage art, while he was a student at International Christian University. 3 years after he worked as the freelance graphic designer, he started developing 3D software at e-frontier. He published a SF novel, "Gene Mapper" by himself and got Best of Kindle Books, literature and novel section, in 2012. And the augmented revised edition, ”Gene Mapper -full build-," has been published by Hayakawa Publishing Corporation since April 2013. He is now concentrating all his effort on writing Sci-Fi novels.



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