[:ja]渡邉 さやか[:en]Sayaka Watanabe[:]







the founder and the president of the re:terra

Sayaka Watanabe is the founder and the president of the re:terra. She got a graduate degree in "Human Security" program from Tokyo University. After her visit to Nepal when she was 11 years old, she started thinking about what abundance means and being interested in developing countries. During her graduate school studies, she was encouraged to use the resources and speed of the private sector in the field of international cooperation and for the social issue solution, and decided to work as a consultant. Since retiring, she has been involved with the locals in Tsunami disaster areas. Her interests have expanded to national
issues and local revitalization. She is aiming to help individuals and businesses
continuously grow by looking at the issues from the government's, various
companies', entreprenurs', and NGOs' points of view.


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TEDxFukuokaSalon 20131012

TEDxFukuokaSalon 20131012