[:ja]マイケル・リンデンマイヤー[:en]Michael Lindenmayer[:]


Eirene 共同創設者

Michael Lindenmayer

マイケル・リンデンマイヤー氏が共同創設した米Eirene社は、世界中の10億人の生活に影響を与える問題に取り組むベンチャー企業。公衆衛生、介護ケアや、デザインを軸としたイノベーションの創出を行う。投資銀行時代にグラミン・バンクの影響を受け、リンデンマイヤー氏の人生はより明確な目的を帯びたものになった。世界銀行やビル&メリンダゲイツ財団に支援を受けるトイレット・ハッカーズの共同創立者であると同時に、介護ケア基金Care Relief Fund、教育基金Stan Lee Foundation、社会貢献団体Canter for Purposeの顧問も務める。米経済誌フォーブスへの寄稿者でもあり、今年、チャリティー・慈善事業を解説した著作も刊行される。


Co-Founder, Eirene

Michael Lindenmayer

Michael TS Lindenmayer is the co-founder of Eirene, a purpose driven venture that focuses on issues that affect at least 1 billion people.  His top priorities are sanitation, caregiving and design-led innovation. Michael is the co-creator of ToiletHackers, which co-hosted the first worldwide toilet hackathon in partnership with the World Bank and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  He is also the chairman of the Caregiver Relief Fund, which builds awareness and resources for the millions caregivers who help the elderly and chronically ill.  Michael started his career at Morgan Stanley.  Michael has always focused on doing good and doing well.  While in investment banking, he became an early adopter of the Grameen Bank.  He was also an early adopter of Room to Read, which has built over 12,000 libraries and benefitted 6.6 million children.  Michael is on the advisory board of the Stan Lee Foundation and the Center for Purpose.  Michael contributes to Forbes and he is the author of the Wisdom Flame and Charity and Philanthropy for Dummies, 2013. He speaks five languages.


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