[:ja]松尾 謙二郎[:en]Kenjiro Matsuo[:]



Kenjiro Matsuo



Composer / Creative Director

Kenjiro Matsuo

Kenjiro Matsuo is a media artist from Sound Design Lab, and a creator of multiple media projects. He has constructed several installations focusing on how to connect sounds, music and abstract ideas . One of Kenjiro’s most notable projects is the “Xylophone”, a 44m long wood installation that plays J. S. Bach’s Cantata BWV 147 as a small ball rolls down its slope. This project was built for a promo video advertising Touchwood mobile phones from NTT Docomo. Other praiseworthy musical installations, including a collaboration with artist K-NARF, were exhibited at Issey Miyake in Paris. Kenjiro has also composed several sound logos for video game companies and car makers.


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