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John Kluge




John Kluge

John Kluge is the co-founder of Eirene, a for-profit philanthropic investment firm committed to tackling issues that affect one billion people; sanitation, caregiving and education. Calling himself a “toilet hacker”, he is recruiting a team of 1,000 other toilet hackers, from engineers, micro-entrepreneurs, and inventors across nine countries to constantly try and find ways to bring adequate sanitation to every home, aware of the ripple effect this will create. In addition, he is a fellow at the East-West Institiute, leading the Digital Safety & Citizenship Program as part of the Worldwide Cybersecurity Initiative. He has worked on anti-poverty and hunger issues as the Projects Coordinator and Legislative Liaison for Rock and Wrap It Up!, an anti-poverty think tank. Through piloting a federal food recovery program at the Library of Congress, and spearheading the drafting and lobbying efforts of the Federal Food Donation Act of 2008, he helped improve the food security of over 35 million people in the United States.


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