[:ja]アン・クレシーニ[:en]Anne Crescini[:]





Educator, writer

Anne Crescini is a speaker, writer, teacher, TV commentator and blogger based in Fukuoka Prefecture. She is most well-known for her bilingual blog, アンちゃんから見るニッポン、which has thousand of readers all over Japan. In her blog, which she writes in Hakata dialect and English, she writes about language and culture, using personal experiences and observations from her 20 years in Japan. Anne has also written 5 books about her passion—Japanese language and culture. ranging from Japanese culture. She has been teaching communication, presentation and writing classes at the University of Kitakyushu for 17 years. Anne lives in the city of Munakata. She is working hard to plug her awesome city in her role as Munakata Goodwill Ambassador. In her rare free time, she enjoys trying crazy things for blog material, baking cookies, playing the shamisen and wearing kimono. She is totally crazy about Japan.


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