[:ja]遠藤幹子[:en]Mikiko Endo[:]


遠藤幹子 Mikiko Endo

出産、子育てをしたオランダ留学の間に、良質なデザインが公共空間に広く展開される社会の豊かさに感動する。その経験から「大人から子どもまで、みんなが創造力を育める場づくり」をテーマに、公共文化施設や保育・教育施設などの空間デザインとワークショップを多数手がける。 また、国際協力NGOと共にアフリカの低所得者層に必要な保健施設を住民参加型で作るプロジェクトにも継続的に携わってきた。地域住民が建築プロセスに関わることでコミュニティが強化され、自立支援や持続可能な施設運営をうながすようなデザイン手法の開発に取り組んでいる。




Mikiko Endo
Mother Architecture, Representative Director

Endo gave birth to and raised her daughter while studying abroad in the Netherlands, and was inspired by the social affluence of the country's widespread, high-quality design in their public spaces. This inspiration led her to work on the spatial design of public cultural and educational facilities (such as preschools) as well as conduct workshops, all based on the idea of "making places where everyone from kids to grown-ups can cultivate their imagination."
Endo is currently working with international NGOs and local communities in Africa on a project to design and build health facilities for the low-income population. By involving local residents in the architectural process, the community has become stronger, and she is now working on developing design methods that promote independence and sustainable operability.

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