[:ja]横山千加子[:en]Chikako Yokoyama[:]



福岡で100年続く老舗、あらまき養蜂場の二女として生まれる。東京でファッションデザイナーとして7年勤めた後、スイスの首都ベルンへ渡り、すし職人の夫と共に4年間過ごす。家業後継の為帰国し、4代目養蜂家となる。自家製はちみつの販売と併設して、はちみつカフェ&セレクト雑貨販売「COZY ROOM」をオープンさせる。 2017年1月ハニーベル株式会社を設立し、オーナーに就任した。同年「れんげいっぱいプロジェクト」を発足させ、養蜂家の視点から問題点を改善する取り組みや、れんげ関連の特産品をプロデュースする傍ら、福岡市内に在住する農業女子会や小郡市観光協会の中でコラボ商品企画や特産品の強化にも努めている。



Chikako Yokoyama was the second daughter born to the owners of the well-established Aramaki Apiary, which has a 100-year history in Fukuoka. After working in Tokyo as a fashion designer for seven years, she relocated to Bern (the capitol of Switzerland) where she lived with her sushi-chef husband for four years. Yokoyama returned to Fukuoka to take over the family business, becoming a fourth-generation beekeeper. In addition to selling homemade honey, she opened a honey-themed cafe and variety goods shop called COZY ROOM. In January of 2007, she established Honey Bell Co., Ltd. and is also the company's owner. The same year, she launched the "Renge Ippai Project", which works to solve issues from beekeepers' perspectives, produce specialty goods related to astragalus flowers, and strengthen collaborative product plans as well as specialty goods among women's farming groups in Fukuoka City and the Ogori City Tourism Association.

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