Join us at TEDxFukuokaLive 2017!


TEDxFukuokaLive is a live webcast event of the TED2017 Conference.


Join us at our event hosted by TEDxFukuoka and watch a live stream of TED2017 Conference (Session 5: Mind, Meaning). Setting a theme of “The Future You,” TED2017 will give us a brand new picture of what our future holds for us in this rapidly changing world. Never miss an opportunity to watch unedited TED talks before it goes online! We will hold a discussion session afterwards to exchange ideas about our shared future. Let’s generate ideas worth spreading from the TEDxFukuoka community!

TED official TEDxFukuokaLive page

Date: April 29th, Saturday
Time: 1:30PM-5:00PM (Open:12:30PM)

*No audio recording, video recording, or photography is allowed.
*Please note that everything will be photographed, video recorded during the event.

Place: Fuku-fuku plaza (5F, 3-3-39, Arato, Chuo-Ku Fukuoka City, Fukuoka)

Cost:¥3,000 (including party), ¥2,000 (w/o party), ¥1,000 (Student, ALT)
*Non-alcoholic drinks party

Space: Availability limited (70 people)

Presenters, Session 5: Mind, Meaning

  • Michael Patrick Lynch, Philosopher
  • Mehdi Ordikhani-Seyedlar, Neuroscientist
  • Dan Ariely, Behavioral economist
  • Mariano Sigman, Neuroscientist
  • Anil Seth, Cognitive scientist
  • Anika Paulson, Student, musician
  • Lisa Genova, Neuroscientist, novelist
  • Robin Hanson, Economist, social scientist

TEDxFukuokaLive Presenters

  • Akiko Yamashita : Mindful Health Co.,Ltd., Representative Director, Neurologist
  • Yuiko Taira : NPO Jun-namaken Fukuoka, Chief Director


TEDxFukuokaLive 2017 Audience Participant Applications are now open!
“This event is by invitation only. Selected applicants will be notified by email.”

about TEDxFukuoka

TEDxFukuoka launched in 2012 in order to create a space for people in Fukuoka and the Kyushu area to exchange worthy ideas. TEDxFukuoka initiative focuses on spreading captivating, worthwhile ideas from Fukuoka to the world, in addition to taking exemplary ideas from around the world and spreading them around Fukuoka. TEDxFukuoka also aims to contribute to strengthening Fukuoka’s cultural atmosphere by creating a united environment amongst the speakers, volunteer staff members, and participants.