TEDxFukuoka 2020 “Tipping Point”

Fukuoka, Japan – December 12, 2020 – TEDxFukuoka (Joe Okubo, Organizer) will host a TEDx event “TEDxFukuoka2020 – Tipping Point” on Saturday, December 12th, from 2:00PM to 5:00PM online. It will be broadcast from the border studio at CAITAC SQUARE GARDEN(Chuou-ku, Fukuoka).

This year’s TEDxFukuoka2020 theme is, “Tipping Point”. The event features 15 incredible speakers who each embody the passion and inspiration behind TED (technology, entertainment and design), to share their inspiration and ideas with you online in Fukuoka, and the world! This event will be not only broadcast live via streaming video online, but there will also be opportunities to discuss and interact with speakers and other participants online.

Session1-3 2:00PM ~5:00PM Amazing presentations of speakers and performances with breaks. Information about the guest speakers will be posted on the TEDxFukuoka Webpage. 

The speakers are as follows in alphabetical order:

Anne Crescini / Educator, Japanese-English language researcher
Hideo Kinoshita / Artist, shinto priest
Hirokazu Okano / OKANO Co., Ltd. President
Justin Teoh / Video marketing specialist
Maharu Tashiro / Professional kendama player
Makoto Ayunaga / The label-less Person
Miki Igarashi / Science edutainer, visiting researcher of the University of Tokyo
Shinya Kiyokawa / Sound designer, producer
Shogo Ochiai / Philosopher, hacktivist
Shogo Shimura / Psychiatrist, magician
Tatsushi Momen / Representative of KOO-KI, Video Director
Yayoi Oguma / Educational reformer
Yumika,Yuriko Uno / Nanohana Genki Project
Yusuke Engeorge / Saga Prefectural Government employee