Fukuoka, Japan – January 27, 2018 – TEDxFukuoka (Joe Okubo, Organizer) will host a TEDx event “TEDxFukuoka2018 – INFINITE DIVERSITY” on Saturday, January 27th, from 1:00PM to 5:30PM at Science Hall, Fukuoka City Science Museum (Chuou-ku, Fukuoka).

This year’s TEDxFukuoka2018 theme is, “INFINITE DIVERSITY”. The event features 12 incredible speakers and a performer who each embody the passion and inspiration behind TED (technology, entertainment and design), to share their inspiration and ideas with you, Fukuoka, and the world! This event will be broadcasted live via streaming video online.


Session1-3  1:00PM- Amazing presentations of speakers and performances with breaks. Information about the guest speakers will be posted on the TEDxFukuoka Webpage.  

Reception   6:00PM- 

The presenters are as follows in alphabetical order:

Anne Crescini  Educator, Blogger
Eisuke Kayatama Tsutawarudoboku, Representative Director
Hideki Tsutsumi  Music producer, composer
Kayako Takahashi Shineshokudou Co., Ltd., Chief Executive Nutritionist
Kazuhiro Adachi Adachi Coffee, Representative Director
Lyle Nitta  TABEL Co.,Ltd. CEO
Lyosuke Saitoh  Animation Dancer
Maki Sugimoto PhD Surgeon, Social entrepreneur, Inventer
Miki Tachiyama MIKI FUNNIT Co., Ltd., Representative Director
Moe Amano  Artist
Noriaki Hirao  Signifier, Entrepreneur
Sadam Fujioka Media artist
Yuri Ojika  Fashion designer

If you would like to attend TEDxFukuoka2018, please read “about ticket” and fill in the application form.