Yumika, Yuriko Uno

菜の花元気プロジェクト(Medical student, Highschool student)

Yumika Uno is a medical student at Kumamoto University. She started a project named "菜の花元気プロジェクト", meaning "The Project of Canola blossoms".Yuriko, her younger sister had helped her project for 10 years since she was 5 years old. The project aim to re-invigorate the Ropponmatsu area after Kyusyu University moved with planting canola blossoms. When the Great East Japan earthquake happened, she expanded the movement "012(オイッチニー)運動",meaning"Oichini Movement". It was the project which they send canola blossom's seed contain a wish to victims.Yuriko coverd a water source in south Aso only which was dried up by Kumamoto earthquake and offered information how the water source revived in her junior high school student's age.They are devoting to realize a social business plan for more revival of their loved Minami-Aso village. Their current goal is to create a platform that connects the affected areas with Minami Aso as a starting point.