Nobuo Harada and Butoh Seiryukai

Nobuo HARADA and Butoh Seiryukai

Nobuo Harada is a dancer, founder of Butoh Seiryukai and also researcher at Kawai Institute for Culture and Education. In 1972 he was impressed by Akira Kasai’s play,“The bottom of the hill (with a guest performer, Kazuo Ohno)”, and decided to change his way to Butoh. From 1972 to 1979 he learnt Butoh in Akira’s studio, Tenshi-kan. After his independence from Tenshi-kan, he established Butoh Seiryukai in Tokyo in 1980. Now based in Fukuoka, he performs both comedy and drama, artistically and inartistically, as a manly dancer in women’s dress.
At his Body Expression Education Workshop in Kawai Institute for Culture and Education, topics like “body and language” and “education and expression” using the actual body are discussed theoretically and practically.