Shogo Ochiai

Philosopher, Hacktivist

Shogo Ochiai is the founder of Cryptoeconomics Lab(CEL). He supervises “O'Reilly Co.’s Mastering Ethereum Technology”. Influenced by Nakamoto Satoshi and Vitalic Britain, he started a research and development of “Smart Contract” in 2016. As a part of CEL Co., he made great achievements of Layer-2 technologies and CryptoLaw area, and then he started as his ambitious non-profit project. His former research field is like below.
[Tech & Math] zk-S [NT] ARKs, Rollups, Optimistic Virtual Machine, Shardings, Casper FFG, ChainLocks
[Econ & Law] DeFi and Law
[Poli-sci & Logic] Democracy and Formal Verification