Miki Tachiyama

MIKI FUNNIT Co., Ltd., Representative Director

Living by her principle, “Setbacks are the fertilizer of life", Miki Tachiyama believes in taking action upon thought, and that failure is nothing to frown upon. As a mother in her twenties, she got scouted on the streets as an NHK Fukuoka "Taiso sister" (leading the exercise program on TV). She now works as an instructor at various schools from preschools through universities, while also making community exercise groups. Despite not being very good at exercise, she took her dreams, hopes and ambitions as sources of encouragement and established an exercise school for children. Miki believes that nurturing children's confidence depends on the kind of adults they spend time with. Her wish is to raise children who can remain optimistic and persevere regardless of the challenges they may face in life.