Kayoko Takahashi

Shineshokudo Co, Ltd., Chief Executive Nutritionist

After making nutrition curriculums for an online-education company as a nutritionist and a counselor, Kayoko Takahashi changed her course of life and took a step into the IT field. In 2001, she started working for Rakuten which only had about 300 employees at that time. She experienced various jobs within the company, such as an engineering supporter and a service planning director. In 2007, she began taking part in the cafeteria committee, and as a director, she engaged in creation, management, and improvement of the staff cafeteria. After leaving Rakuten and working for several other companies, she took post as the chief executive nutritionist of Shineshokudo Co.,Ltd. and started a designing, planning, and consulting business on daily food environment in cafeterias. She has also written several books on nutrition.