TEDxFukuokaChange – ‘Positive Disruption’ – Event Report

Thank you to all speakers, attendees, and volunteer staff members for contributing to the success of the first annual TEDxFukuokaChange! We are ecstatic to have brought you another event in the spirit of ‘ideas worth spreading’ but with a positively disruptive twist.

To be honest, many eyes were on us as the official TEDx blog spotlighted our TEDxChange event as one of three to watch – out of 200 events in 65 countries worldwide! We feel that the Japanese to English live interpretation by Tomoko Richard and Eriko Tsukamoto enhanced the viewing experience for all involved and we hope to continue this initiative in the future.

Our TEDxChange screening highlighted contemporary international health and development issues around the globe and succeeded in bringing them right here to Fukuoka. Attendees received more than just the 411 on topics such as the role of Catholic believers as positive disrupters and the education of girls in Africa. Speaker Roger Thurow even extrapolated on how Ethiopia gradually recovered from its 2003 famine through the support of small holder farmers. (Visit the One Acre Homepage for more details: http://www.oneacrefund.org/) It was fascinating to hear such a range of opinions and reactions from audience members, including TEDxFukuoka 2013 speaker Yuji Sakikawa, throughout the screening. Our SNS team found Salim Shekh and Sikha Patra, ‘The Revolutionary Optimists’, particularly inspiring.

TEDxFukuokaChange also featured three live speakers curated by TEDxFukuoka organizers. Dr. Maki Sugimoto of Kobe University kicked things off with his look at the impact of 3-D printing. Japan’s version of Mohammed Yunus, Professor Masaharu Okada of Kyushu University, followed that up with his promotion of social fiction intertwined with social business. Hailing from Belgium, UN-HABITAT Human Settlements Officer Bruno Dercon surprised the audience with the fact that that single biggest problem facing families today is pollution inside their own homes. Dercon drove home the TEDxChange theme of ‘Positive Disruption’ by emphasizing that disruption leads to opportunity which in turn sparks change.

Amelia Hagen